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Efficiency (IOM 2011).
"Funding formulas; intersection of funding efficiency and optimal health department size." Slides presented to the Institute of Medicine, Committee on Public Health Strategies to Improve Health May 5, 2011, Washington DC.


Funding formulas can encourage efficiency.

Regionalization (APHA 2011).
"Financial and Operational Implications of Public Health Regionalization."  Slides presented as part of PHSSR Lunch & Learn presentation, "Translating public health systems and services research to public health practice". 29 October 2011, Washington DC.


Staffing mix decisions make a difference.

Formulas (IHEA 2011).
"Methods of Evaluating Public Health Funding Formulas."  Slides presented at International Health Economics Association, Toronto, Canada 12 July 2011.


 Little difference between how funds are allocated and county rates of 'voter penetration'.

NGO Partners (APHA 2011)
"Spending by non-governmental public health providers." Slides presented to American Public Health Association November 1, 2011, Washington DC.


Any accounting of public health spending based purely on government organizations will be incomplete.

New Hampshire (2011).

"NH Regionalization Update and Assessment Findings." Slides presented September 1, 2011, Concord, NH. New Hampshire.


Nongovernmental public health partners are valuable allies.

Mass & Kansas (2007).
"Public Health Regionalization Study.  National Overview." Report presented  November 2007 to Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Kansas Association of Local Health Departments.


Public health funding formula elements.


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